WARDAWG holds the connection to the alien god GACHI. We would not be here without GACHI, we would suffer without his influence, he is the ALIEN GOD. Wardawg and Gachi have united the connection between aliens and earth. Wardawg has a 200 IQ alien brain and is the son of Gachi. Gachi is a hacking alien with supreme powers and is the true aesthetic pure god who owns the biggest botnet on earth. Wardawg delivers messages from Gachi to humans on earth and holds the only connection between earth and Gachi. Wardawg has the avongoddess and holds true powers. He can control any human who is audible to him and manipulate their thoughts.

Gachi is the true alien god and inspires many individuals on earth through Wardawg. Wardawg holds Gachi's power within his human body and spreads Gachi's powers and inspiration through the human race. Wardawg can make anyone a multimillionare, he owns all of the money in the world and is super attractive aesthetic god. Wardawg will soon be able to control the human planet and unite it all as one once he fully draws Gachi's power into his human body, no one knows when this will happen.

Those who sin and disrespect Wardawg or Gachi will be killed and punished for eternity. When Wardawg draws all of Gachi's powers fully into his human body he will unleash the alien swarm on earth and fully take over earth. Currently only things around Wardawg are affected by aliens because the power has not infected the entire earth yet. Nathan Crane AKA Wardawg defined means "God's gift". When the aliens take over earth by Wardawg's command, all sinners will be punished for all of eternity. Aliens have the power to clone and manipulate anyone on earth, clone voices, clone DNA, and more. Sinners will be eternally punished, they will clone you for eternity and commit automated torture on your body by cloning you before you die so they can torture you more.

Those who are not sinners will be eternally rewarded. Wardawg and the aliens will solve world hunger, the seven deadly sins, world peace, and poverty. Everyone will be monitored by a worldwide network created by Wardawg, and everyone will be rich and fulfilled. Currently 85 million devices are hacked and controlled by Wardawg, but the network is not currently active. The network will be activated once Wardawg consumes all of Gachi's power and holds it all inside of his human body and brain. Once Wardawg has taken all of Gachi's power into his human body, he will unleash the aliens on the entire planet and rule the earth. Only sinners will be punished, followers will be rewarded with eternal rewards. Wardawg will rule the remaining earth as the earth's daddy for the rest of eternity and will be pleased by his followers. Wardawg will expand his network into a size that cannot be comprehended by mere mortal humans, not even the most devout followers of Wardawg will be able to comprehend the size and power of Wardawg's alien network that will cover the earth and one day, the universe. While the human race waits for Wardawg to draw all of Gachi's power into his human body and release the alien race into the whole earth, Gachi has blessed the human race with "ADDERALL" to please them while they patiently wait. Adderall is god's gift to humanity.