disclaimer: none of this merchandise was actually created by Wardawg himself

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this is fake ass merch
worship wardawg at the church
im gonna research
how to praise wardawg
fuck a bitch she a hog

Wardawg plushie
$24.99 -

Wardawg worship shirt & sticker
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Limited edition Wardawg doll
$59.99 -

Wardawg superhero doll
$24.99 -

Mohammed mows your lawn
$9.99 -

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Wardawg limited edition spaghetti napkin (WITH FREE WARDAWG GUM WRAPPER)
$14.99 -

Wardawg "SLICK RICK"
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Craig's vase
$29.99 -

Homemade Wardawg tub soup (bathtub not included)
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