Rage Page #1

Jorge is my good friend from Argentina, we had lots of fun playing on the computer. We liked to play lots of really fun games like League of Legends and World of Warcraft. One day Jorge decided to come to America and I was very excited to meet him.

Jorge is a fucking asshole. I fucking hate Jorge!!! fuck you jorge fuck you fuck you jroge. Me and Jorge like to go to the bar and we had lots of fun but then he stole my vodka so I smashed a bottle over his head and he dropped unconscious onto the floor of the bar so I had to carry his dumb fat ass to the hospital and then he beat the shit out of me with his stupid fucking pet monkey that he calls "Loco Negro", dumb Spanish idiot.

Go rot in hell Jorge, I'm pretty sure you stole shit from me too you fucking asswipe go fuck yourself. Not to mention that Jorge smells like fucking shit, probably because of his dumbass pet monkey that he calls "Loco Negro" that stinks like pig feces. If I ever see Jorge again I will beat the shit out of him and steal his pet monkey for selling to the local circus.


Loco Negro

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