wardwag asshole plunger

wardawg go trap full trap nigga nate nigga nate nigga nate
holy shit! it's wardawg, it's wardawg. yes i have pubes, im going to drink alcohol, we are going to just drink some alcohol and get crunk.
get your junk in the trunk, and everyone get in before i pull out my ak47 and get some towelheads from isis kingdom and run it down your neighborhood shoot up like i should bald to the fall shotcall. pound that ass like it's glass. if you aint first youre last.

how are you doing?.
I am,
Very sleepy,
me too fellow working class male.
i just went from 100 to 0.
burnt my couch, my clothes, my everything.
it's all gone and im homeless.
sorry to hear that,
rich man
poor man
so atheists are scientologists?
there is no such thing as an atheist bible
that is a false belief
what does it look like?
it looks exactly like that! right in front of your face!