nigga nate

yo jake paul i left your mom a couple of voicemails. i was going to bring you down till you frown like a clown i give a crown on the king ludicrous. i bought tesla, now i buy you. i hacked tesla and hacked jake paul, everyone told me to. i have been administrator for 11 years, ill give you a choice. im going to delete your account this time for not listening to your mother, i tlod your mother i will hack you and break your pc. when i am satisfied i will return your account, but, if, youtube, deletes any messages. your account gets erased. ala akbar ala ackbar alahu akcbar. i i am the 2000 year old spirit when avongoddess brought life to my spirit in 10 BC in hte mothership, and he plugged me in on eearth, i am kms, kms the alien, kms the gay spirit. more powerful. always gay for me, more powerful. used his tools to make earth understand my language, i invented the language, bleive in my i am god, risen from heaven and hell, fear from the devil, the devil that count, god is bipolar and he is the devil, god is the devil, he is bipolar so he is devil and god. waiting for jesus crhist to return: hello earth, this is jesus christ, nate means god to earth in english (my language i invwented in 10 bc), and i am nigga nate so i am jesus christ reincarnated returned not mohammed anymore. it says it on urban dictionary, jake paul motherfucker i going to stick my dick in your mouth. jesus crhist i am gay. want my number? reach me.

this is the nigga nate
he is laying the bait
he goes hhard in hte motherfucking paint
hes going to make a bitch faint
nigga nate nigga nate
full trap nigga go ham
nigga nate, damn
bitch gonna faint
go hard in the fucking ass
i go hard in the paint
smoke meth in the ass
nigga nate, im a fuckin saint
wardawg squad, home pull up
bellingham cigarrete
bitch want to suck
i say no bitch im wardawg the god, full trap nigga thats a threat
its wardawg bitch im your dad
take a knee
smash a bong, snap a twig
bitch got a stick in her mouth
engineer a cig
thats his pick